Benefits of a Multi - Lingual Recruitment Office

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The logistics sector is one of the most diverse industries in the working world. From all levels of seniority, there are people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. Since it is an international industry, you are almost guaranteed to come into contact with people who speak a variety of languages. Only being able to communicate in English will hold you back considerably and being culturally unaware will deprive you of so many different opportunities.

Here at Pro1, we have a diverse team of multi-lingual consultants who are able to communicate and connect with a network of communities. This has opened up a world of opportunities both literally and figuratively.  From Dutch-speaking Consultants to Romanian and even Polish, we are able to speak with candidates in their native tongue, making them feel more included and connected with the team.

We have access to an increased pool of candidates from communities that might otherwise feel excluded. We can communicate with large groups of candidates who may only feel comfortable interacting with someone who shares their preferred language and cultural differences.

In the world of logistics, small details can make or break day-to-day operations. Timings and locations need to be communicated to the letter or else it can disrupt the entire process. Language barriers can lead to miscommunication on a variety of different levels. Having the capability to talk to candidates in their preferred language can minimise any miscommunication and can limit any mistakes being made.

It's just not with the candidates that this becomes an advantage. Not only can we communicate with candidates in their preferred tongue but also with any clients and supervisors who may prefer to speak in a language different from English. It may not seem like a big deal to some people, but for others, adjusting to make them feel more comfortable can go a long way. It helps us to build better working relationships and to connect with our clients on a more personal level.

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