Fighting a Candidate Shortage

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As I’m sure you are well aware, resourcing and finding talent is becoming increasingly difficult. Currently, there are more job vacancies than there are people looking for work. We find ourselves within a candidate-driven market and in an environment like this, it is important to have multiple recruitment channels. You simply won’t be able to find and source the right candidates if you are waiting for talent to come to you.

Your pool of candidates will be vastly limited if you are sticking to a single recruitment channel. You will only have access to a small percentage of job seekers and talent which will cost you both time recruiting and money spent on job advertisements.

This is where Pro1 comes into play. It is our mission and our goal to make this process more efficient, and more effective to ensure that you are being given the best that there is out there. We take the recruitment process out of your hands and source multiple channels and platforms to find you the talent you deserve.

Job Boards

We start with the traditional way of recruiting by posting our job advertisements onto job boards. Whilst the majority of the talent out there will not just come to you, it is still important to lay a good foundation and use platforms and job boards to advertise your vacancies. You will still find a solid amount of candidates applying for your jobs. We use sponsored ads to ensure that our jobs are at the top of people’s searches. We have a team of marketers who have experience and expertise in writing captivating job ads with SEO integration to ensure that our ads are at the front of people’s eyes.

Pro1 Website

As well as pre-established job boards, we also post all of our job ads on our own website. As we develop our marketing and traffic to our website, our very own job board will start to generate a great pool of candidates. We are already receiving daily applications through the Pro1 website and we are only moving forward with this process. Our website has a built-in integration where candidates can apply for our advertisement directly through the website with a simple application process. This is a feature we are very proud of as it is a unique and niche benefit that not all recruitment agencies possess. Our marketing team are constantly finding new ways to improve our website and to increase the number of people searching through our website. It is a source of talent that is unique to Pro1 and there is potential there for a candidate base that no one else will have access to.

CV Searching 

But again in today’s recruitment world, applications are simply not enough. We can longer just sit around and wait for candidates to come to us. We need to be proactive and source the talent ourselves or else we are simply missing out on the majority of the workforce out there. CV searching is a great way to find specific candidates with the background and qualifications that we are looking for. All of our consultants have access to CV searching platforms where they can search for specific credentials to find the perfect candidates to put forward to your business. Here at Pro1, we don’t like to just fill vacancies by putting ‘bums on seats’ or so to speak. Our candidates are more than just a number and we dedicate our work to placing people into their next and hopefully last careers. Through CV searching, we can ensure that we are sourcing the right candidates with the right tools and attributes needed to fit into your company.

Social Media

2022 is a digital age and the next generation of workers operate and think differently from what we are traditionally used to. They are very social media focused and online-centric. If we are not moving forward with our recruitment approach in a similar fashion then we will simply fall behind and miss out on the next generation of talent. This is why we have established a new tactic of posting our jobs on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and soon-to-be Tik Tok. We have a young, hungry marketing team who are working to boost our social media profile and source the best talent that is out there. You would be surprised by the sheer number of candidates that there are out there on social media looking for work. From Facebook job groups to LinkedIn job postings, we are using every tool out there that is available to us. You may not have the time to scroll and source through social media posts, looking out for new candidates but guess what…. We have a team who does. Let us take the time and stress out of your hands and make this process simple.

You have more important things to worry about than your recruitment process. There are simply too many platforms that you must source through by yourselves to find the talent that you need. Make the process simple and let us do it for you. This is our expertise after all. We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to find you the perfect candidates.

How do you combat a candidate shortage? Simple… you use Pro1 Recruitment!

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