Navigating Through a Recession

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Navigating through a Recession

2023 is here and the year looms ahead. In normal years, Quarter 1 would be a struggle for recruitment anyway but 2023 looks to be no normal year. The dreaded R word keeps being thrown around. Recession, Recession, Recession. It’s all you will hear on the news and social media. They key is to not panic. Not to stress about things that you cannot control. The key is to plan, prepare and Pro1 it.


During a recession, flexibility is vital. With uncertainties and unpredictability, you need to be able to call an audible and stay ahead of the curve. This is where agency use can be so valuable. Short term staffing needs are the foundation of recruitment agencies. Our contracts and workers can be based on the principle that it will be short term work to cover any peak requirements. Cancellations can happen at any time and if you suddenly find yourself in a position where you need to let go staff, having agency workers on your books will provide the flexibility to chop and change requirements. You will not be locked in to a long term contract and depending on your situation, you can quickly and easily increase or decrease your requirements.

Strong Workforce

During difficult times, the team around you needs to be strong, resilient and on the same page. When budgets are tight, you want to make sure your team is full of star players and there are no loose ends. Your recruitment process needs to be as efficient as possible, making sure that when you do need to expand your workforce, you are making the right hire. Time is a luxury you cannot afford and the worst thing you can do is spend time, money and resources on interviews that go nowhere and adverts with no response. Leave it to the Pros. The Pro1s. We have access to thousands on candidates through our CRM system that is constantly being updated with the newest and best talent across the country. We do have the time and resources to allocate to your recruitment process and ensure that only the best of the best will be joining your team. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we know all the ways to optimise your process, ensuring that you are getting pound for pound the best workers out there


As you enter 2023, having a trusted, stable recruitment partner will help you get through the hard times and grow with the good. Our team of consultants pride themselves on building strong business partnerships with our clients. You will be more than just another client to us. You will have a dedicated account manager assigned to your company who will be in constant communication with yourselves. There will be a level of care and dedication that you just don’t see with every Recruitment Agency. A lot of the time it can be forgotten that we work with people and not just numbers. Here at Pro1, we understand and value our clients and candidates as people and not pound signs.


With all the uncertainties 2023 will bring, time and resources is a luxury your recruitment strategy cannot afford. Luckily for you we have all the time and resources in the world to support you with your recruitment needs all year round. What are you waiting for? Go into 2023 Prepared. Go into 2023 with a Plan. Go into 2023 with Pro1

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