Pro1 Recruitment recognise that without our candidates and without our clients we do not have a business. It's quite simple. This is why we always try our hardest to go over and above and exceed your expectations.

We have workers and clients that have been with Pro1 Recruitment since the company was first founded in 2013, which is testament its self for the level of service that we offer. You don't just have to take our word for it, have a look at some of our testimonials and make your own mind up. 



  • Great agency to work with, experienced no problems. Excellent service and good communication with agata.

  • Very professional ring me a couple of times a week to make sure everything is OK any queries are dealt with straight away , can't fault them

  • Pro1 Recruitment are an excellent service.
    The registration process was simple and straightforward.
    They have a very good team also.

  • Great experience in the first week, and it’s all thanks to Carmen. She’s a kind person that helped me a lot with everything I needed. She responded fast and understood all my needs.

  • It`s very rare I say this but one of your drivers Samir is a credit to your company, everything I have asked of him he has done without question, also his manners are extremely outstanding, can you personally thank him for his efforts within the short time he has been here,

  • Pro1 Recruitment started supplying usd with HGV 1 drivers at the beginning of 2018. We have found their service to be extremely professional with great communication. The drivers supplied have been of good quality, reliable and honest. The on call service has always been contactable and all provisions are met to give short notice cover. There have been manning issues as there is in all industries but the team at Pro1 have always worked hard to rectify any issues as quickly as possible. I have no problem in recommending Pro1 Recruitment.

  • Agata - Thank you for the support and encouragement. I’m so relieved to finally have a job 😊

  • Hi Lisa, thank you for remembering me, I successfully applied and have been given a start date for another role. If I ever find myself again in a situation where I am looking for work you will be the first person I call, why?, you remembered our conversation, you obviously noted down the details, the little things really do go a long way, keep up the good work I sincerely mean that, it was a pleasure speaking with you.

  • Pro1 Recruitment started supporting Cross Transport a Birmingham based logistics company in October 2017, the company its self have seen significant growth in recent years which comes with its own problems, one of those problems being talent attraction. Pro1 Recruitment recently asked for feedback on our recruitment service. You will find their comments below.

    What problems did you have on site prior to using Pro1 Recruitment?
    The performance and calibre of drivers was poor from other agencies, drivers from Pro1 are always on time and we get a regular flow of the same driver attending. The Pro1 team are good communicates with our operations staff.

    What effect did your staffing problems have on the performance of your site? Has the site performance now improved?
    This has greatly improved since using Pro1 before we used to get drivers not turn up and constantly be late and not follow instructions that were given.

    Has the retention and attendance improved? If so, to what scale?

    I would say it has gone from 65% up to about 98%.

    Have the quality of candidates been suitable for your business?     
    Yes, the Calibre of HGV Drivers has greatly increased since we engaged with Pro1 Recruitment.

    Would you recommend Pro1 Recruitment as a temporary labour recruitment agency?
    Without a doubt, first class service, great communication with the staff 24/7.

  • Pro1 Recruitment have been very helpful and have gone the extra mile to fulfil our requirements. The drivers have always been at a very high standard, very professional and polite and always get the job done. The communication is excellent and the response time has always been quick and dealt with within a short space of time. I would definitely recommend Pro1 Recruitment to other businesses.