Here are some of the statements our clients and employees have given:
  • Pro1 started working with an expanding Birmingham based logistics company October 2017, we recently asked them some questions on our service.......

    What problems did you have on site prior to using Pro1 Recruitment? i.e attendance, retention, the performance and calibre of drivers was poor from other agencies, drivers from Pro 1 are always on time and we get a regular flow of the same driver attending and are good communicates with our operations staff.

    What effect did your staffing problems have on the performance of your site? Has the site performance now improved? This has greatly improved since using Pro 1 before we used to get drivers not turn up and constantly be late and not follow instructions that were given..

    Has the retention and attendance improved? If so, to what scale? I would say it has gone from 65% up to about 98%

    Have the quality of candidates been suitable for your business?     Yes greatly increased

    Would you recommend Pro1 as a temporary labour recruitment agency? Without a doubt first class service great communication with the staff 24/7

    HGV 1
  • Pro1 Recruitment have been very helpful and have gone the extra mile to fulfil our requirements. The drivers have always been at a very high standard, very professional and polite and always get the job done. The communication is excellent and the response time has always been quick and dealt with within a short space of time. I would definitely recommend Pro1 Recruitment to other businesses.

    Dave - Transport Manager
  • I was unemployed just one week until I found Pro1 Recruitment on their website. I came to register which was quick and easy and I was out to work the day after I registered. Now I am working for a large transport company which I am extremely happy with because I am about to become permanent thanks to Pro1 Recruitment.

    Daniel - Class 1 driver in a large transport company
  • I was unemployed for one week before a friend told me about Pro1 Recruitment. The registration process was extremely easy and I started work immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them and I am very pleased with my promotion within the company I am in now thanks to Pro1 Recruitment.

    Bogdan - Class 1 driver at a large transport company
  • I was unemployed for two weeks before I registered with Pro1 Recruitment. They managed to find me work quickly and found me work within an industry I enjoy. I found out about Pro1 through a friend who was already employed through them, they highly recommended them. As soon as I rang them up I came in for an interview which wasn't a hard process. I filled out the forms that were necessary and I was able to start work as soon as. The employer that I work with is very efficient and I feel very excited about the promotion that I have received thanks to Pro1 Recruitment.

    Bogdan - Order Picker for a large parcel company