A huge congratulations to Agata!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Ever since the Directors of Pro1 Recruitment started their recruitment careers in the early 2000s, through to the present day of 2021 we have always embedded the good practises of The REC in to the service that we provide from our Tamworth base. We have trained all staff to work with honesty, integrity and to care about the roles that they do with thought given to the candidate experience.

As a step towards further developing Pro1 Recruitments commitment to achieve and exceed REC standards we recently embarked Agata Grochowska on a Level 3 REC Apprenticeship. Whilst there is some further work around the Apprenticeship to go, we are delighted that Agata has passed the hardest part - the Level 3 REC exam. Agata started with Pro1 as a Trainee without any recruitment industry experience so this is a real testament of her hard work and commitment to the role and industry. Well done Agata!

Agata specialises in Logistics and Warehouse recruitment, and has already completed 3 of the 5 Driver CPC Units. If you want to work with a Consultant that understands the sector and works to quality standards you can contact her on 01827 307673 or agata@pro1recruitment.co.uk .