5 reasons why you shouldn't sleep on Facebook to recruit candidates

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5 Reasons why you shouldn’t sleep on Facebook to recruit candidates


Advertising through Facebook allows you to show off some personality with your job ads. Job boards like Indeed and total jobs require a very professional format, and you are rarely able to use any visual aids to help your ad stand out. This isn’t the case with Facebook. You are able to create poster-like job ads that are more likely to grab attention. Reading through job descriptions can be fairly mundane and for some workers, a simple bright picture with key details is all they need to see to show their interest. The intricate details can be added later, and you can establish a connection through a much more engaging post. 

Instant Response 

The Facebook messaging system allows you to converse with candidates instantly. This means that they don’t have to immediately register interest in your job ad for you to make contact with them. Being able to message people on a platform like Facebook allows you to exchange details and information about the role in a quick and efficient manner. Rather than conversing through emails that can be lost in the spam or left unread, you can be more direct and ensure a higher response rate. 


The most obvious benefit of recruiting through Facebook is of course the cost or should I say the lack of cost. It shouldn’t be understated how valuable a free platform can be. Having to pay monthly or annual fees to job boards can become very expensive and often you can find that the return of investment may not be worth it. By having a free platform, it enables you to post as frequently as you like. Rather than just posting an ad once and having to wait for a response, you are able to post daily and ensure that the attention never goes away. 


An underrated benefit of Facebook recruitment is the ability to communicate with your candidates and gage an idea about the type of worker that they are. From the get-go, you are able to see how the person communicates and engages you and whether or not they seem like they fit the job role. You can get an impression of their professionalism, and you can tell how interested they actually are in the role. It’s an easy way to get across key details and quickly exchange information that is needed for registration. 


I think the volume of candidates looking for work on Facebook would surprise a lot of companies. There is a plethora of job searching groups from all over the country. You are able to specifically seek out people looking for work in the areas that you are supplying for. If you are committed and persistent enough then you are able to unlock a whole new candidate pool that you previously wouldn’t have tapped into. And every group that you are not a part of is another list of candidates available for your competitors to use. Facebook job posting allows the workers to fall into your lap and message you directly about the job ads that they see. Alternatively, you are able to directly contact anyone you see that is showing any interest in employment. 

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